This is a blog that wants to make sure you know how cool science is–how you don’t have to be a dork to love science and think it’s interesting, but that being a dork is, in fact, awesome. You will find book reviews and recommendations, extreme excitability about science and t technology news, and a new look at some everyday science phenomena made as interesting and accessible as possible (which isn’t hard, ’cause c’mon man, it’s science!). Here thar be SCIENCE.

Check out the vlog—>

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi, I saw your LunchBoxScience channel on Youtube. I think it has a lot of potential for growth, and I like that a girl is interested in science (and apparently, also likes Calvin and Hobbes:)

    I have a question, though: are you interested in political sciences, too? As an aspiring biologist you may be aware that some studies suggest that there may be a link between our biological makeup and political orientation.

    If you are interested in that kind of topics and in politics in general, I would like to discuss with you a bit.

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